Six Nations Community Food Bank
20 Cao Lane, Box 209
Ohsweken, ON  N0A 1M0
Striving to meet the short-term
need for food, and to find 
 long-term solutions to end
hunger within our

About Us

Six Nations Community Food Bank strives to meet the short-term need for food, and find long-term solutions to hunger within our community.

To achieve these goals and support the work of the food bank, we engage in a number of activities. These include:

◦initiating and running programs that provide our community with large-scale donations of food and consumer products, and educational resources.

◦building partnerships with corporate donors and organizational friends.

◦raising awareness of hunger and related issues, and encouraging our residents to become involved.

◦conducting research and creating policy recommendations that will reduce hunger and poverty amongst Six Nations.

Agape Food Bank was originally formed in the late 1980’s by Pastor Doolittle in the basement of the Pentecostal Church in Ohsweken, Ontario to assist with what was initially believed to be a short-term demand to assist families within Six Nations with food. However, as the need for a permanent food bank and food assistance programs continued and grew, our organization continued to serve as a reliable source for food to assist those in need. In 2012, the Six Nations Police began overseeing the food bank and established the Board of Directors.  At this point, the Board of Directors reorganized and rebranded the food bank to now be known as Six Nations Community Food Bank to better serve the members of Six Nations.

The Board sought funding to hire a Coordinator and successfully received funds to hire a full-time Coordinator in 2012.  To date, there has been many financial and in-kind contributions to the Six Nations Food Bank.  In 2018, the Six Nations Community Food Bank assisted over 420 households and that number continues to increase..